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but...¿what is "Goosing around"?

In Spanish, "hacer el ganso" means to do or say silly things just to cause laughter. And because the goose is an elegant animal with a funny attitude that symbolises what the brand wants to convey with its clothing and perfumes.

We feel inspired by the classics but we are always looking to create something new, something of our own. We like to be daring and have a passion for living life with the same enthusiasm as the first day.

Here comes Limoncello Season serving creativity and audacity.

The explosive cocktail of citrus and spices of the top note reveals an addictive heart thanks to the limoncello accord and a decidedly masculine base where the woody notes associated with tonka beans provide an unforgettable and sensual signature.



Dispensers (300 ml)

Mixing the freshness of lemon with an ozonic accord that leaves its mark. Its fragrance could not be other than a citrus fougère. UNDER REQUEST.

Manufacturer and supplier of amenities and welcoming products with extensive experience in the sector. We always offer maximum service and quality. Get in touch with us, we will be delighted to answer your questions.

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